CXO Think Tank London | TBD | London, UK



How Analytics Disrupted the NPM Market and What's Next

Executive Boardroom - 1:50 pm - 2:15 pm

It is no secret that the IT landscape is evolving rapidly, creating new challenges for IT organisations. Megatrends such as mobility, desktop virtualisation, ransomware, the Internet of Things and the software-defined datacentre all demand that IT organisations operate smarter and are equipped with real-time insights into what is happening in their environments. However, legacy IT monitoring products have not kept pace with these changes, leaving enterprises with a hodgepodge of niche tools designed for the paradigms of decades past. Left without a means to cut through increasing complexity, IT teams struggle to achieve key outcomes. 

This session will discuss:  

  • How the network is the richest source of data.
  • How the network has become the common denominator tying everything together during digital transformation.
  • How organisations are able to mine the communications between devices for real-time insights and data-driven operation.
  • How your wire data can be used strategically within your IT ecosystem.

This session will offer a clear understanding of how your organisation can unlock the hidden value in your networks, discovering, observing, and analysing every digital interaction as it occurs.

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