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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Turning Potential Into Reality

Thought Leadership - 4:05 pm - 4:30 pm

Situation - The potential of AI and ML is being supercharged by the increased availability of two key resources: digitised data and compute power; demanding cost-effective ways to aggregate massive data sets and access high-density compute resources. 

Complication - Successful implementation of AI/ML programmes may require firms to fundamentally reappraise existing operating infrastructure. Resources required to support the application of AI/ML in financial services are complex and require specialist expertise. 

Resolution - An ecosystem of services and providers will enable firms to successfully exploit the potential of AI/ML technologies. A recent report commissioned by Telstra reflected increasingly flexible approaches, with a varied use of cloud-based resources, colocation facilities and hosting services. 

  • Exploration of some use cases around AI/ML in financial services 
  • Identification of the key challenges from a data, compute and network perspective 
  • Investigation of technology infrastructure approaches that can best support AI/ML programmes in finance 
  • Assessment of future trends and possibilities arising from AI/ML in finance, and what is needed to turn potential into reality

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