CXO Think Tank London | TBD | London, UK



Using Lean Innovation to Catch the Next Wave of IT

Thought Leadership - 10:45 am - 11:10 am

Everyone wants to win, but as the pace of change picks up, companies are finding it harder than ever to launch new product lines successfully and keep existing ones running at a profit. Disruption is happening to every industry and every company and you need a strategy. So where do you start? How have successful companies approached the challenge? And do you really understand the fundamental relationship between technology disruption and your business strategy? 

This session will share a useful framework for dealing with disruption and how an enterprise can stay true to its existing businesses whilst looking at ways to innovate and catch the next wave. Whether its addressing new market opportunities to attack or understanding core market positions to defend or new technological frontiers to consider, the end goal is to leave this session with an actionable set of ideas and concepts for dealing with disruption and a useful framework as well.

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