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Your Journey to Success in Today's Technology Revolution

Executive Boardroom - 10:00 am - 10:25 am

The current pace of the changing business world is unprecedented. Some are calling it the biggest technological revolution ever and it's only just beginning. From cloud computing to smart devices to online support, the retail industry is immersed in digital transformation to leverage new advances and meet customer expectations. 

With the convergence of products and technology, all this technology disruption is speeding the pace of innovation as companies try to stay ahead of the competition. As if this rapid change and increased innovation is not enough, the very nature of the workforce is changing with the advent of blended teams, increased diversity, and post-boomer expectations. This means more work that is often being done by fewer people. 

The need to stay integrated and aligned amid unprecedented technology shifts, full-speed innovation, and changing workforce requirements raises new challenges that require a new management mindset and a broader set of tools.

This is the very problem that work and resource management is meant to address as the next evolution in planning. 


  • Understand how work and resource management brings together domains such as Project Portfolio Management, Product Innovation, Strategic Planning, Enterprise Architecture, and Work Collaboration.
  • Learn about how companies such as Waitrose and Marks and Spencer are addressing these challenges.

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